New price drop! Since the release of the hardcover edition, this softcover is now a limited edition book!

The King's 6th Finger is the first collaborative effort between Jolby and Rachel Roellke. It is a tale about a King named Mortimer who is obsessed with the number 5. He has 5 towers on his castle, 5 moats around it, 5 knights on 5 horses, 5 queens, 5 servants, 5 meals... he's obsessed! Until one day, from his five-legged chair, he looks down at his hand and discovers that he's grown a 6th finger! What will he do? How does he remove it? What crazy plans do his advisors have in store for him? You'll have to get your hands on the book to see!

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10" x 10" 46 page soft-cover book
Signed by artists
Written by Jolby and Rachel Roellke
Illustrated by Jolby
Published by Jolby & Friends